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Touchless Solutions

Hands-Free Solutions
No-touch products for hands-free access control
As the world becomes more and more conscious of the dangers of virus and bacterial transmission, you need solutions that allow people to open a door, turn on a light, or activate machinery without needing to use their hands. ENFORCER has a solution for almost every need. 
Indoor Wave-to-Open Sensors   Outdoor Wave-to-Open Sensors
A wave of the hand is all that's needed with our
Wave-To-Open Sensors in various sizes and types.
  A wave of the hand is all that's needed with our
Wave-To-Open Sensors for outdoor use.
Bluetooth Keypads/Readers   Readers or Keypads with Readers
Keypads and readers that give you up to three ways to control a device – keypad, proximity card, or with a smartphone app.   Swipe a proximity card on one of our card readers or a keypad with a card reader. Various form factors are available for indoor or outdoor use.
RF Wireless   Microwave RTE Sensors
Control it wirelessly with a wide range of RF transmitters and receivers.   Use a dependable microwave sensor to automatically open a door for egress.
Weigand Proximity Readers   Reflective Photobeams
Proximity readers are available in three sizes for Weigand access control systems. Also available in stand-alone models.   A simple solution to trigger a device when the photobeam is interrupted.
Large Elbow RTE Sensors
  Push Bars
These sensors have a rocker button that is large enough to be easily controlled with an elbow.   Push bars are a simple mechanical solution for opening a door with your hip, keeping hands free and clean.